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Legend :
(S) = Star, (C) = Constellation, (M) = Messier Object, (O) = Other Object

For Constellations :
Abbrev. = Abbreviation, Gen. = Genitive

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Acamar (S) - Theta Eridani
Achernar (S) - Alpha Eridani. Arabic : "end of the river".
Acrab (S) - Beta Scorpii, also Graffias, Grappine. "Scorpion" and "claws".
Acrux (S) - Alpha Crucis. Compound of "alpha Crux".
Acubens (S) - Alpha Cancri, also Sertan. "Claw".
Adara (S) - Epsilon Canis Majoris, also Adhara, Undara. Arabic for "virgins".
Adhafera (S) - Zeta Leonis
Adhara (S) - Epsilon Canis Majoris, also Adara, Undara. Arabic for "virgins".
Agena (S) - Beta Centauri
Al Chiba (S) - Alpha Corvi, also Alchiba. From Arabic for crow.
Al Dhanab (S) - Gamma Grus

Al Jadi (S) - Alpha Ursae Minoris. Polaris, the Pole Star.
The god Dhruva, "pivot of the planets", to Early Hindus. Arabs termed it Al Kutb "the axle".
Also Giedi, the slayer of the man who is mourned by Alkaid/Benetnash.

Al Kaff al Jidhmah (S) - Gamma Ceti, also Kaffaljidhma
Al Na'ir (S) - Alpha Grus, also Alnair. "Bright one".
Al Nasl (S) - Gamma Sagittarii, also Alnasl
Al Rischa (S) - Alpha Piscium
Al Tarf (S) - Beta Cancri, also Altarf
Alamac (S) - Gamma Centauri
Alamak (S) - Gamma Andromedae, also Alamaak, Almach, Almak
Albali (S) - Epsilon Aquarii

Albireo (S) - Beta Cygni. Misspelling of Latin "ab ireo" : "from [the] iris",
which was in turn a mistranslation of the Arabic.

Alchiba (S) - Alpha Corvi, also Al Chiba. From Arabic for crow.
Alcor (S) - 80 Ursae Majoris. "The rider".
Alcyone (S) - Eta Tauri
Aldebaran (S) - Alpha Tauri. "The follower".
Alderamin (S) - Alpha Cephei. From Arabic for "right arm".
Alfirk (S) - Beta Cephei. "Flock" or "herd".
Algedi (S) - Alpha Capricorni, also Gedi, Giedi. "Goat" or "ibex".

Algenib (S) - Gamma Pegasi, also Marfak. "Side".
T his name also applied to Mirfak (S) - Alpha Persei. Very confusing !

Algieba (S) - Gamma Leonis. "Forehead".
Algol (S) - Beta Persei. "The ghoul".
Algorab (S) - Delta Corvi, also Algores
Algores (S) - Delta Corvi, also Algorab
Alhena (S) - Gamma Geminorum. Arabic for a brand on a horse or camel.
Alin (S) - Epsilon Tauris
Alioth (S) - Epsilon Ursae Majoris

Alkaid (S) - Eta Ursae Majoris, also Benetnasch.
Arabic - Ka'id Banat al Na'ash : "principal mourner" of the children of Al Na'ash.

Alkalurops (S) - Mu Bootis
Alkes (S) - Alpha Crateris. Arabic : "shallow basin" or wine-vessel.
Almaak (S) - Gamma Andromedae, also Almach, Almak, Alamak
Almach (S) - Gamma Andromedae, also Almaak, Almak, Alamak
Almak (S) - Gamma Andromedae, also Almaak, Almach, Alamak
Almeisan (S) - Gamma Geminorum
Alnair (S) - Alpha Grus, also Al Na'ir. "Bright one".
Alnasl (S) - Gamma Sagittarii, also Al Nasl
Alnath (S) - Beta Tauri (Alpha Aurigae), also El Nath, Elnath, Nath. Arabic : "the butting one".
Alnilam (S) - Epsilon Orionis
Alnitak (S) - Zeta Orionis
Alphard (S) - Alpha Hydrae. "Solitary", from Arabic for "solitary one in the Serpent".

Alphecca (S) - Alpha Coronae Borealis, also Alphekka. "Bright one of the dish".
Also known as Gemma : "the unopened buds of a floral crown".

Alphekka (S) - Alpha Coronae Borealis, also Alphecca. "Bright one of the dish".
Also known as Gemma : "the unopened buds of a floral crown".

Alpheratz (S) - Alpha Andromedae (Delta Pegasi). Also Sirrah.
From Arabic Al Surrat al Faras : "the navel of the horse" (once part of Pegasus)
Now Al Ras al Mar'ah as Musalsalah : "the head of the chained woman".

Alrai (S) - Gamma Cephei
Alrakis (S) - Mu Draconis
Alrescha (S) - Alpha Piscium. Also Alrischa. Arabic : "cord". Could be from Babylonian riksu.
Alrischa (S) - Alpha Piscium. Also Alrescha. Arabic : "cord". Could be from Babylonian riksu.

Alruccabah (S) - Alpha Ursae Minoris, also Polaris, Stella Polaris, Al Jadi
The god Dhruva, "pivot of the planets", to Early Hindus. Arabs termed it Al Kutb "the axle".
Also Giedi, the slayer of the man who is mourned by Alkaid/Benetnash.

Alshain (S) - Beta Aquilae. From Persian name for "eagle".
Alsuhail (S) - Lambda Velorum, also Suhail
Altair (S) - Alpha Aquilae. From Arabic word for "eagle".
Altais (S) - Delta Draconis
Altarf (S) - Beta Cancri, also Al Tarf
Alterf (S) - Lambda Leonis
Altiks (S) - Omicron Persei
Aludra (S) - Eta Canis Majoris
Alula (S) Australis - Xi Ursae Majoris
Alula (S) Borealis - Nu Ursae Majoris< BR>Alya (S) - Theta Serpentis. Arabic - Al Hayyah : "the snake".
Ancha (S) - Theta Aquarii
Andromeda (C) - (Daughter of Cepheus & Cassiopaeia), Abbr. And, Gen. Andromedae
Andromeda Galaxy (M) - M 31, NGC 224
Ankaa (S) - Alpha Phoenicis
Anser (S) - Alpha Vulpeculae

Antares (S) - Alpha Scorpii. Occasionally Cor Scorpii "heart of the Scorpion".
"Rival to Ares" or "equivalent to Ares". Ares is the Greek equivalent of the Roman Mars.

Antennae Galaxy (O) - NGC 4038 / 39
Antlia (C) - Air Pump, Abbr. Ant, Gen. Antliae
Apus (C) - Bird of Paradise, Abbr. Aps, Gen. Apodis
Aquarius (C) - Water Bearer, Abbr. Aqr, Gen. Aquarii
Aquila (C) - Eagle, Abbr. Aql, Gen. Aquilae
Ara (C) - Altar, Abbr. Ara, Gen. Arae
Aries (C) - Ram, Abbr. Ari, Gen. Arietis
Arcturus (S) - Alpha Bootis. "Bear-keeper".

Arkab (S) - Beta Sagittarii. Actually a visual double : Arkab Prior and Arkab Posterior
"Arkab" is the Achilles tendon, from calf to heel.

Arneb (S) - Alpha Leporis
Ascella (S) - Zeta Sagittarii. From Latin axilla : "armpit".
Asellus (S) Australis - Delta Cancri
Asellus (S) Borealis - Gamma Cancri
Aspidiske (S) - Iota Carinae
Atik (S) - Zeta Persei
Atlas (S) - 27 Tauri
Atria (S) - Alpha Trianguli Australis
Auriga (C) - Charioteer, Abbr. Aur, Gen. Aurigae
Avior (S) - Epsilon Carinae
Azha (S) - Eta Eridani
Azmidiske (S) - Xi Puppis


Barnard's Dark S Nebula (O) - NGC B72
Barnard's Galaxy (O) - NGC 6822
Barbell Planetary Nebula in Perseus (M) - M 76, NGC 650/651, also Little Dumbbell
Baten Kaitos (S) - Zeta Ceti. "Whale's belly".
Bearpaw Galaxy (O) - NGC 2537
Beehive Cluster (M) - M 44
Beid (S) - 38 Omicron Eridani

Bellatrix (S) - Gamma Orionis. "Female warrior".
From a rather loose medieval translation of the Arabic Al Najid, meaning "the conqueror".

Benetnasch (S) - Eta Ursae Majoris, also Alkaid
Arabic - Ka'id Banat al Na'ash : "principal mourner" of the children of Al Na'ash.

Betelgeuse (S) - Alpha Orionis, also Betelgeuze, Betelgeux. Arabic : "armpit of the central one".
Betelgeuze (S) - Alpha Orionis, also Betelgeuse, Betelgeux. Arabic : "armpit of the central one".
Betelgeux (S) - Alpha Orionis, also Betelgeuse, Betlgeuze. Arabic : "armpit of the central one".
Biham (S) - Theta Pegasi
Black Eye Galaxy (M) - M 64, NGC 4826
Blaze Star, The (S) - Tau Coronae Borealis
Blinking Planetary Nebula (O) - NGC 6826
Blue Planetary Nebula (O) - NGC 3918
Blue Snowball Nebula (O) - NGC 7662
Bode's Nebula (M) - M81, NGC 3031
Bootes (C) - Herdsman, Abbr. Boo, Gen. Bootis
Box Galaxy (O) - NGC 4169
Box Nebula (O) - NGC 6309
Bubble Nebula (O) - NGC 7635
Bug Nebula (O) - NGC 6302
Burnham's Nebula in Taurus (O) - (Surrounds T Tauri)
Butterfly Cluster (M) - M6, NGC 6405


Caelum (C) - Chisel, Abbr. Cae, Gen. Caeli
California Nebula (O) - NGC 1499
Camelopardis (C) - Giraffe, Abbr. Cam, Gen. Camelopardalis
Cancer (C) - Crab, Abbr. Cnc, Gen. Cancri
Canes Venatici (C) - Hunting Dogs, Abbr. CVn, Gen. Canum Venaticorum
Canis Major (C) - Big Dog, Abbr. CMa, Gen. Canis Majoris
Canis Minor (C) - Little Dog, Abbr. CMi, Gen. Canis Minoris
Canopus (S) - Alpha Carinae. From Coptic or Egyptian - Kahi Nub : "golden earth".
Capella (S) - Alpha Aurigae. Means "she-goat".
Caph (S) - Beta Cassiopeiae. From Arabic for Cassiopeia (The Ethiopean Queen).
Capricornus (C) - Goat, Abbr. Cap, Gen. Capricorni
Caput Trianguli (S) - Alpha Trianguli, also Metallah. From Arabic for "triangle".
Carina (C) - Ship's Keel, Abbr. Car, Gen. Carinae
Carmenta (S) - Gamma Virginis. (Roman goddess of prophecy; inspired poets). Also Porrima.
Cassiopeia (C) - (Queen), Abbr. Cas, Gen. Cassiopeiae
Castor (S) - Alpha Geminorum
Cebalrai (S) - Beta Ophiuchi. Arabic : "heart of the dog".
C elaeno (S) - 16 Tauri
Centaurus (C) - Centaur, Abbr. Cen, Gen. Centauri
Cepheus (C) - (King), Abbr. Cep, Gen. Cephei
Cetus (C) - Whale, Abbr. Cet, Gen. Ceti
Chamaeleon (C) - Chameleon, Abbr. Cha, Gen. Chamaeleontis
Chara (S) - Beta Canum Venaticorum. From Latin for "edible root".
Chertan (S) - Theta Leonis, also Coxa
Christmas Tree Cluster (O) - NGC 2264
Cih (S) - Gamma Cassiopeiae
Circinus (C) - Compasses, Abbr. Cir, Gen. Circini
Clown-face Nebula (O) - NGC 2392
Coalsack (O) - Dark region in Southern Cross
Cocoon Nebula (O) - NGC IC 5146
Columba (C) - Dove, Abbr. Col, Gen. Columbae
Coma Berenices (C) - Berenice's Hair, Abbr. Com, Gen. Comae Berenices
Cone Nebula (O) - NGC 2264
Copeland Septet Galaxy (O) - NGC 3745 / 54
Cor Caroli (S) - Alpha Canum Venaticorum. "The heart of Charles". (Charles I of England).
Cor Leonis (S) - Alpha Leonis. Also Regulus. "Lion's heart" and "little king", resp.
Corona Australis (C) - Southern Crown, Abbr. CrA, Gen. Coronae Australis
Corona Borealis (C) - Northern Crown, Abbr. CrB, Gen. Coronae Borealis
Cor Scorpii (S) - Alpha Scorpii. "Heart of the Scorpion". Name occasionally applied to Antares.
Corvus (C) - Crow, Abbr. Crv, Gen. Corvi
Coxa (S) - Theta Leonis, also Chertan
Crab Nebula (M) - M 1, NGC 1952
Crater (C) - Cup, Abbr. Crt, Gen. Crateris
Crescent Nebula (O) - NGC 6888
Crux (C) - Southern Cross, Abbr. Cru, Gen. Crucis
Cursa (S) - Beta Eridani. "Throne" or "foot-stool".
Cygnus (C) - Swan, Abbr. Cyg, Gen.Cygni
Cygnus Loop Nebula (O) - NGC 6960 / 95


Dabih (S) - Beta Capricorni. From Arabic Al Sa'd al Dhabih : "the lucky one of the slaughterers".
Delphinus (C) - Dolphin, Abbr. Del, Gen. Delphini
Deneb (S) - Alpha Cygni. "Tail".
Deneb Algedi (S) - Delta Capricorni. "Tail of the goat".

Deneb Kaitos (S) - Beta Ceti. "South part of the tail".
Known to Arabs as the "second frog". The "first frog" was Fomalhaut.

Denebola (S) - Beta Leonis. "Lion's tail".
Dheneb (S) - Eta Ceti
Diadem (S) - Alpha Comae Berenices. Refers to a wreath of jewels in Berenice's hair.
Dipda (S) - Beta Ceti, also Diphda
Diphda (S) - Beta Ceti, also Dipda
Dorado (C) - Swordfish, Abbr. Dor, Gen. Doradus
Double Cluster (O) - NGC 869
Draco (C) - Dragon, Abbr. Dra, Gen. Draconis
Dschubba (S) - Delta Scorpii. "Front" or "forehead" of the scorpion.
D ubhe (S) - Alpha Ursae Majoris. Arabic : "bear".
Duhr (S) - Delta Leonis, also Zosma
Dumbbell Planetary Nebula (M) - M 27, NGC 6853


Eagle Nebula (M) - M 16, NGC 6611
Edasich (S) - Iota Draconis
Eight-burst Planetary (O) - NGC 3132
El Nath (S) - Beta Tauri (Alpha Aurigae), also Elnath, Alnath, Nath. Arabic : "the butting one".
Electra (S) - 17 Tauri
Elnath (S) - Beta Tauri (Alpha Aurigae), also El Nath, Alnath, Nath. Arabic : "the butting one".
Eltanin (S) - Gamma Draconis. "Dragon's head".
Enif (S) - Epsilon Pegasi. "Nose".
Equuleus (C) - Little Horse, Abbr. Equ, Gen. Equulei
Eridanus (C) - (River), Abbr. Eri, Gen. Eridani
Errai (S) - Gamma Cephei. "Shepherd".
Eskimo Nebula (O) - NGC 2392
Eta Carina Nebula (O) - NGC 3372
Etamin (S) - Gamma Draconis
"Exploding" Galaxy (M) - M 82
Eyes Galaxy (O) - NGC 4435


Filamentary Nebula (O) - NGC 6960, also Lace-work Nebula

Fomalhaut (S) - Alpha Piscis Austrini, also Fum Al Hut. Arabic : "fish's mouth".
Known to Arabs as the "first frog". The "second frog" was Deneb Kaitos.

Footprint Nebula (O) - NGC M1-92
Fornax (C) - Furnace, Abbr. For, Gen. Fornacis. Originally Fornax Chemica "chemical furnace".
Fornax A Galaxy (O) - NGC 1316

Fum Al Hut (S) - Alpha Piscis Austrini, also Fomalhaut. Arabic : "fish's mouth".
Known to Arabs as the "first frog". The "second frog" was Deneb Kaitos.

Fum al Samakah (S) - Beta Piscium
Furud (S) - Zeta Canis Majoris


Gacrux (S) - Gamma Crucis. Contraction of "gamma Crux".
Gedi (S) - Alpha Capricorni, also Algedi
Gemini (C) - Twins, Abbr. Gem, Gen. Geminorum

Gemma (S) - Alpha Coronae Borealis. "The unopened buds of a floral crown".
Also known as Alphekka, Alphecca. "Bright one of the dish".

"Ghost of Jupiter" Planetary Nebula (O) - NGC 3242
Giausar (S) - Lambda Draconis
Giedi (S) - Alpha Capricorni, also Algedi, Gedi. "Goat" or "ibex".
Giena (S) - Gamma Corvi, also Gienah
Gienah (S) - Gamma Corvi, also Giena
Gomeisa (S) - Beta Canis Minoris. Arabic : "watery-eyed" or "weeping one".
Graffias (S) - Beta Scorpii, also Acrab, Grappine. "Claws" and "scorpion".
Grappine (S) - Beta Scorpii, also Acrab, Graffias. "Claws" and "scorpion".
Great Cluster in Hercules (M) - M13, NGC 6205
Great Nebula in Andromeda (M) - M31, NGC 224
Great Nebula in Orion (M) - M42, NGC 1976
Gredi (S) - Alpha Capricorni
Grumium (S) - Xi Draconis
Grus (C) - Crane (bird), Abbr. Gru, Gen. Gruis. Previously known as Phoenicopterus.
Gum Nebula in Vela (O)


Hadar (S) - Beta Centauri. "Weight".
Hamal (S) - Alpha Arietis. After Arabic for "lamb".
Haris (S) - Gamma Bootes, also Seginus.
Helix Galaxy (O) - NGC 2685
Helix Nebula (O) - NGC 7293. Nearest "planetary nebula" to our sun (300 light years).
Hercules (C) - (Son of Zeus), Abbr. Her, Gen. Herculis
Hind's Variable Nebula (O) - NGC 1555

Homam (S) - Zeta Pegasi. From Sa'd al Humam : "lucky star of the hero"
Has also been called Al Hammam "whisperer" - may refer to "horse whispering".

Horologium (C) - Clock, Abbr. Hor, Gen. Horologii. Originally Horologium Oscillatorium.
Horologium Oscillatorium (C) - Pendulum Clock. Original name for Horologium.
Horsehead Nebula (O) - NGC B33
Horseshoe Nebula (M) - M 17, NGC 6618, also Omega Nebula
Hubble's Variable Nebula (O) - NGC 2261

Hyades (O) - Cluster in Taurus.
In Greek myth, the Hyades were : Aesula, Ambrosia, Dione, Thyene, Koronis, Eudora, Polyxo,
but none of these names is attached to any particular star in the cluster.

Hyadum I (S) - Gamma Tauri, also Prima Hyadum
Hydra (C) - Female Water Snake, Abbr. Hya, Gen. Hydrae
Hydrus (C) - Male Water Snake, Abbr. Hyi, Gen. Hydri


Indus (C) - Indian, Abbr. Ind, Gen. Indi

Izar (S) - Epsilon Bootis. "Loincloth" or "belt". Also Pulcherrima : "most beautiful".


"Jewel Box" (O) - Kappa Crucis, NGC 4755. Also known as the "Kappa Crucis cluster".


Kaffaljidhma (S) - Gamma Ceti, also Al Kaff al Jidhmah
Kaus Australis (S) - Epsilon Sagittarii. "Southern bow".
Kaus Borealis (S) - Lambda Sagittarii
Kaus Media (S) - Delta Sagittarii. Also Kaus Meridionalis.
Kaus Meridionalis (S) - Delta Sagittarii. Also Kaus Media.
Keid (S) - 40 Omicronı Eridani
Keyhole Nebula (O) - NGC 3324
Kitalpha (S) - Alpha Equulei. Derived from Arabic "part of the horse".
Kocab (S) - Beta Ursae Minoris, also Kochab
Kochab (S) - Beta Ursae Minoris, also Kocab
Kornephoros (S) - Beta Herculis
Kraz (S) - Beta Corvi
Kurhah (S) - Xi Cephei


Lacerta (C) - Lizard, Abbr. Lac, Gen. Lacertae
Lace-work Nebula (O) - NGC 6960, also Filamentary Nebula
Lagoon Nebula (M) - M 8, NGC 6523
Leo (C) - Lion, Abbr. Leo, Gen. Leonis
Leo Minor (C) - Little Lion, Abbr. LMi, Gen. Leonis Minoris
Lepus (C) - Hare, Abbr. Lep, Gen. Leporis
Lesath (S) - Upsilon Scorpii. From Al Las'ah : "the sting".
Libra (C) - Scales, Abbr. Lib, Gen. Librae
Little Dumbbell Planetary Nebula in Perseus (M) - M 76, NGC 650/651, also Barbell
"Little Gem" Annular Nebula (O) - NGC 6818
Little Gem Planetary Nebula (O) - NGC 6445
Looped Nebula (O) - NGC 2070
Lupus (C) - Wolf, Abbr. Lup, Gen. Lupi
Lynx (C) - Lynx, Abbr. Lyn, Gen. Lyncis
Lyra (C) - Harp (Lyre), Abbr. Lyr, Gen. Lyrae


M 1 (M) - Crab Nebula Supernova Remnant in Taurus, NGC 1952
M 2 (M) - (Globular Cluster in Aquarius), NGC 7089
M 3 (M) - (Globular Clusterin Canes Venatici), NGC 5272
M 4 (M) - (Globular Cluster in Scorpio), NGC 6121
M 5 (M) - (Globular Clusterin Scorpio), NGC 5904
M 6 (M) - Butterfly Galactic Cluster in Scorpio, NGC 6405
M 7 (M) - (Galactic Cluster in Scorpio), NGC 6475
M 8 (M) - Lagoon Diffuse Nebula in Sagittarius, NGC 6523
M 9 (M) - (Globular Cluster in Ophiuchus), NGC 6333
M 10 (M) - (Globular Cluster in Ophiuchus), NGC 6254
M 11 (M) - Wild Duck Cluster in Scutum, NGC 6705
M 12 (M) - (Globular Cluster in Ophiuchus), NGC 6218
M 13 (M) - Great Globular Cluster in Hercules, NGC 6205
M 14 (M) - (Globular Cluster in Ophiuchus), NGC 6402
M 15 (M) - (Globular Cluster in Pegasus), NGC 7078
M 16 (M) - Eagle Nebula in Serpens, NGC 6611
M 17 (M) - Omega Nebula in Sagittarius, NGC 6618, also Horseshoe Nebula
M 18 (M) - (Galactic Cluster in Sagittarius), NGC 6613
M 19 (M) - (Globular Cluster in Ophiuchus), NGC 6273
M 20 (M) - Trifid Diffuse Nebula in Sagittarius, NGC 6514
M 21 (M) - (Galactic Cluster in Sagittarius), NGC 6531
M 22 (M) - (Globular Cluster in Sagittarius), NGC 6656
M 23 (M) - (Galactic Cluster in Sagittarius), NGC 6494
M 24 (M) - (Milky Way Patch in Sagittarius), NGC 6603
M 25 (M) - (Galactic Cluster in Sagittarius), IC 4725
M 26 (M) - (Galactic Cluster in Scutum), NGC 6694
M 27 (M) - Dumbbell Planetary Nebula in Vulpecula, NGC 6853
M 28 (M) - (Globular Cluster in Sagittarius), NGC 6626
M 29 (M) - (Galactic Cluster in Cygnus), NGC 6913
M 30 (M) - (Globular Cluster in Capricornus), NGC 7099

M 31 (M) - Great Nebula in Andromeda, NGC 224.
Furthest object visible to naked eye, at a distance of 2.4 million light years.

M 32 (M) - (Elliptical Galaxy in Andromeda), NGC 221
M 33 (M) - (Spiral Galaxy in Triangulum), NGC 598
M 34 (M) - (Galactic Cluster in Perseus), NGC 1039
M 35 (M) - (Galactic Cluster in Gemini), NGC 2168
M 36 (M) - (Galactic Cluster in Auriga), NGC 1960
M 37 (M) - (Galactic Cluster in Auriga), NGC 2099
M 38 (M) - (Galactic Cluster in Auriga), NGC 1912
M 39 (M) - (Galactic Cluster in Cygnus), NGC 7092
M 40 (M) - (Double Star in Ursa Major = Winnecke 4)
M 41 (M) - (Galactic Cluster in Canis Major), NGC 2287
M 42 (M) - Great Diffuse Nebula in Orion, NGC 1976. Finest diffuse nebula in the sky.
M 43 (M) - (Diffuse Nebula in Orion), NGC 1982
M 44 (M) - Praesepe (Galactic Cluster in Cancer), NGC 2632
M 45 (M) - Pleiades (Galactic Cluster in Taurus), NGC 1435
M 46 (M) - (Galactic Cluster in Puppis), NGC 2437
M 47 (M) - (Galactic Cluster in Puppis), NGC 2422
M 48 (M) - (Galactic Cluster in Hydra), NGC 2548
M 49 (M) - (Elliptical Galaxy in Virgo), NGC 4472
M 50 (M) - (Galactic Cluster in Monoceros), NGC 2323
M 51 (M) - Whirlpool Spiral Galaxy in Canes Venatici, NGC 5194
M 52 (M) - (Galactic Cluster in Cassiopaeia), NGC 7654
M 53 (M) - (Globular Cluster in Coma Berenices), NGC 5024
M 54 (M) - (Globular Cluster in Sagittarius), NGC 6715
M 55 (M) - (Globular Cluster in Sagittarius), NGC 6809
M 56 (M) - (Globular Cluster in Lyra), NGC 6779
M 57 (M) - Ring Nebula - Planetary Nebula in Lyra, NGC 6720
M 58 (M) - (Spiral Galaxy in Virgo), NGC 4579
M 59 (M) - (Elongated Galaxy in Virgo), NGC 4621
M 60 (M) - (Elliptical Galaxy in Virgo), NGC 4649
M 61 (M) - (Spiral Galaxy in Virgo), NGC 4303
M 62 (M) - (Globular Cluster in Ophiuchus), NGC 6266
M 63 (M) - Sunflower Galaxy in Canes Venatici, NGC 5055
M 64 (M) - Black Eye Galaxy in Come Berenices, NGC 4826
M 65 (M) - (Elongated Galaxy in Leo), NGC 3623
M 66 (M) - (Spiral Galaxy in Leo), NGC 3627
M 67 (M) - (Galactic Cluster in Cancer), NGC 2682
M 68 (M) - (Globular Cluster in Hydra), NGC 4590
M 69 (M) - (Globular Cluster in Sagittarius), NGC 6637
M 70 (M) - (Globular Cluster in Sagittarius), NGC 6681
M 71 (M) - (Globular Cluster in Sagittarius), NGC 6838
M 72 (M) - (Globular Cluster in Aquarius), NGC 6981
M 73 (M) - (Small Cluster of Stars in Aquarius), NGC 6994
M 74 (M) - (Spiral Galaxy in Pisces), NGC 628
M 75 (M) - (Globular Cluster in Sagittarius), NGC 6864
M 76 (M) - Little Dumbbell Planetary Nebula in Perseus, NGC 650/651, also Barbell Nebula
M 77 (M) - (Spiral Galaxy in Cetus), NGC 1068
M 78 (M) - (Diffuse Nebula in Orion), NGC 2068
M 79 (M) - (Globular Cluster in Lepus), NGC 1904
M 80 (M) - (Globular Cluster in Scorpio), NGC 6093
M 81 (M) - Bode's Nebula (Spiral Galaxy in Ursa Major), NGC 3031
M 82 (M) - (Elongated Galaxy in Ursa Major), NGC 3034
M 83 (M) - (Barred Spiral Galaxy in Hydra), NGC 5236
M 84 (M) - (Elliptical Galaxy in Virgo), NGC 4374
M 85 (M) - (Elliptical Galaxy in Coma Berenices), NGC 4382
M 86 (M) - (Elliptical Galaxy in Virgo), NGC 4406
M 87 (M) - (Elliptical Galaxy in Virgo), NGC 4486
M 88 (M) - (Elongated Galaxy in Coma Berenices), NGC 4501
M 89 (M) - (Elliptical Galaxy in Virgo), NGC 4552
M 90 (M) - (Elongated Galaxy in Virgo), NGC 4569
M 91 (M) - (Elongated Galaxy in Coma Berenices), NGC 4548 (Disputed, could be = M 58 ?)
M 92 (M) - (Globular Cluster in Hercules), NGC 6341
M 93 (M) - (Galactic Cluster in Puppis), NGC 2447
M 94 (M) - (Elongated Galaxy in Canes Venatici), NGC 4736
M 95 (M) - (Barred Spiral Galaxy in Leo), NGC 3351
M 96 (M) - (Spiral Galaxyin Leo), NGC 3368
M 97 (M) - Owl Planetary Nebula in Ursa Major, NGC 3587
M 98 (M) - (Elongated Spiral Galaxy in Coma Berenices), NGC 4192
M 99 (M) - Pin-wheel Spiral Nebula in Coma Berenices, NGC 4254
M 100 (M) - (Spiral Galaxy in Coma Berenices), NGC 4321
M 101 (M) - (Spiral Galaxy in Ursa Major), NGC 5457
M 102 (M) - (Spiral Galaxy in Ursa Major), NGC 5457 = M 101 (An 18th Century Error)
M 103 (M) - (Galactic Cluster in Cassiopaeia), NGC 581
M 104 (M) - Sombrero Galaxy in Virgo, NGC 4594
M 105 (M) - (Elliptical Galaxy in Leo), NGC 3379
M 106 (M) - (Spiral Galaxy in Canes Venatici), NGC 4258
M 107 (M) - (Globular Cluster in Ophiuchus), NGC 6171
M 108 (M) - (Elongated Galaxy in Ursa Major), NGC 3556
M 109 (M) - (Barred Spiral Galaxy in Ursa Major), NGC 3992
M 110 (M) - (Elongated Galaxy in Andromeda), NGC 205


Maia (S) - 20 Tauri
Maia Nebula (O) - NGC 1432
Marfak (S) - Gamma Pegasi, also Algenib. "Side".
Marfik (S) - Lambda Ophiuchi
Markab (S) - Alpha Pegasi. "Saddle".
Matar (S) - Eta Pegasi. From Al Sa'd Matar : "fortunate rain".
Mebsuta (S) - Epsilon Geminorum
Media (S) - Delta Sagittarii
Megrez (S) - Delta Ursae Majoris. "Root of the tail".
Meissa (S) - Lambda Orionis
Mekbuda (S) - Zeta Geminorum
Menkalinan (S) - Beta Aurigae. From Arabic for "charioteer's left shoulder".
Menkar (S) - Alpha Ceti. "Nose".
Menkent (S) - Theta Centauri
Menkib (S) - Xi Persei. Also applied to Scheat (Beta Pegasi).
Mensa (C) - Table, Abbr. Men, Gen. Mensae
Merak (S) - Beta Ursae Majoris. "Flank" (of the bear).
Merope (S) - 23 Tauri
Merope Nebula (O) - NGC 1435
Mesarthim (S) - Gamma Arietis, also Mesartim. Once called Sheratan.
Mesartim (S) - Gamma Arietis, also Mesarthim. Once called Sheratan.
Metallah (S) - Alpha Trianguli, also Caput Trianguli. From Arabic for "triangle".
Miaplacidus (S) - Beta Carinae
Mice Galaxy (O) - NGC 4676
Microscopium (C) - Microscope, Abbr. Mic, Gen. Microscopii
Mimosa (S) - Beta Crucis
Mintaka (S) - Delta Orionis
Mira (S) - Omicron Ceti. "The wonderful one".
Mirach (S) - Beta Andromedae. From Arabic for "girdle".
Mirfak (S) - Alpha Persei, also Mirphak. "Elbow". Also known as Algenib : "side".
Mirphak (S) - Alpha Persei, also Mirfak. "Elbow". Also known as Algenib : "side".
Mirza (S) - Gamma Canis Majoris, also Muliphen
Mirzam (S) - Beta Canis Majoris. "Announcer". (Rises slightly ahead of Sirius).
Mizar (S) - Zeta Ursae Majoris
Monoceros (C) - Unicorn, Abbr. Mon, Gen. Monocerotis

Mufrid (S) - Eta Bootis, also Muphrid
From Arabic - Al Mufrid al Ramih : "solitary star of the lancer".

Muhlifain (S) - Gamma Centauris
Muliphen (S) - Gamma Canis Majoris, also Mirza

Muphrid (S) - Eta Bootis, also Mufrid.
From Arabic - Al Mufrid al Ramih : "solitary star of the lancer".

Murzim (S) - Beta Canis Majoris
Musca (C) - Fly, Abbr. Mus, Gen. Mucsae
Muscida (S) - Omicron Ursae Majoris


Nashira (S) - Gamma Capricorni. From Arabic : "bringer of good tidings".
Nakkar (S) - Beta Bootis, also Nekkar. From Arabic for "ox-driver".
Naos (S) - Zeta Puppis. Arabic : "ship".
Nath (S) - Beta Tauri (Alpha Aurigae), also Alnath, El Nath, Elnath. Arabic : "the butting one".
Navi (S) - Gamma Cassiopeiae, also Tsih
Nekkar (S) - Beta Bootis, also Nakkar. From Arabic for "ox-driver".
Network Nebula (O) - NGC 6992
Nihal (S) - Beta Leporis
Norma (C) - Level, Abbr. Nor, Gen. Normae
North America Nebula (O) - NGC 7000
Nunki (S) - Sigma Sagittarii. Known to Assyro-Babylonians as "the star proclaiming the sea".
Nusakan (S) - Beta Coronae Borealis
Nushaba (S) - Gamma Sagittarii


Octans (C) - Octant, Abbr. Oct, Gen. Octantis
Omega Nebula (M) - M 17, NGC 6618, also Horseshoe Nebula
Ophiuchus (C) - Serpent-bearer, Abbr. Oph, Gen. Ophiuchi
Orion (C) - Hunter, Abbr. Ori, Gen. Orionis
Orion Nebula (M) - M 42 / M 43
Owl Planetary Nebula (M) - M 97, NGC 3587


Pavo (C) - Peacock, Abbr. Pav, Gen. Pavonis
Peacock (S) - Alpha Pavonis
Pegasus (C) - Winged Horse, Abbr. Peg, Gen. Pegasi
Pelican Nebula in Cygnus (O) - IC 5067-70
Perseus (C) - (Rescuer of Andromeda), Abbr. Per, Gen. Persei
Phact (S) - Alpha Columbae, also Phakt. "Ring dove".
Phad (S) - Gamma Ursae Majoris, also Phecda, Phekda. "Thigh".
Phakt (S) - Alpha Columbae, also Phact. "Ring dove".
Phecda (S) - Gamma Ursae Majoris, also Phad, Phekda. "Thigh".
Phekda (S) - Gamma Ursae Majoris, also Phad, Phecda. "Thigh".
Pherkad (S) - Gamma Ursae Minoris
Phoenicopterus (C) - Previous name for Grus. "Flamingo".
Phoenix (C) - Phoenix, Abbr. Phe, Gen. Phoenicis
Pictor (C) - Easel, Abbr. Pic, Gen. Pictoris
Pinwheel Galaxy (M) - M 33
Pin-wheel Nebula (M) - M 99, NGC 4254
Pipe Nebula in Ophiuchus (O)
Pisces (C) - Fish, Abbr. Psc, Gen. Piscium
Piscis Austrinus (C) - Southern Fish, Abbr. PsA, Gen. Piscis Austrini

Pleiades (M) - M 45, NGC 1435.(7 sisters).
Pleione, Atlas, Alcyone, Maia, Sterope, Taygeta, Celaeno, Electra, Merope.

Pleione (S) - 28 Tauri

Polaris (S) - Alpha Ursae Minoris, also Stella Polaris, Alruccabah, Al Jadi
The god Dhruva, "pivot of the planets", to Early Hindus. Arabs termed it Al Kutb "the axle".
Also Giedi, the slayer of the man who is mourned by Alkaid/Benetnash.

Polarissima Australis Galaxy (O) - NGC 2573
Polarissima Borealis Galaxy (O) - NGC 3172

Pollux (S) - Beta Geminorum. Also named Pugil : "the pugilist" by Ovid.
Early Arabian astronomers called it Rasalgeuse : "head of the twin".

Porrima (S) - Gamma Virginis. Also Carmenta (Roman goddess of prophecy; inspired poets).
Praecipua (S) - Beta Leonis Minoris
Praesepe (M) - M 44, NGC 2632
Prima Hyadum (S) - Gamma Tauri, also Hyadum I
Procyon (S) - Alpha Canis Minoris. From Greek : "before the dog".
Propus (S) - Eta Geminorum, also Tejat Prior
Pulcherrima (S) - Epsilon Bootis. "Most beautful". Also Izar : "loincloth" or "belt".
Puppis (C) - Ship's Stern (Poop), Abbr. Pup, Gen. Puppis
Pyxis (C) - Ship's Compass, Abbr. Pyx, Gen. Pyxidis


(No "Q"-entries as yet)


Ras Algethi (S) - Alpha Herculis, also Rasalgethi. Arabic : "Head of the kneeler".
Ras Alhague (S) - Alpha Ophiuchi, also Rasalhague
Ras Elased Australis (S) - Epsilon Leonis
Ras Elased Borealis (S) - Mu Leonis
Rasalas (S) - Mu Leonis
Rasalgethi (S) - Alpha Herculis, also Ras Algethi. Arabic : "head of the kneeler".
Rasalgeuse (S) - Beta Geminorum. Arabic : "head of the twin". Also Pollux
Rasalhague (S) - Alpha Ophiuchi, also Ras Alhague. Arabic : "head of the serpent charmer".
Rastaban (S) - Beta Draconis. "Serpent's head".
Regor (S) - Gamma Velorum
Regulus (S) - Alpha Leonis. Also Cor Leonis. "Little king" and "lion's heart", resp.
Reticulum (C) - Net, Abbr. Ret, Gen. Reticuli
Rigel (S) - Beta Orionis. "Giant's leg".

Rigil Kentaurus (S) - Alpha Centauri, also Toliman.
"Centaur's foot" and "grape-vine shoot", respectively.

Ring Nebula in Lyra (M) - M 57, NGC 6720
Rosette Nebula (O) - NGC 2237

Rotanev (S) - Beta Delphini. Together with Sualocin, reads "Nicolaus Venator" in reverse.
This is a Latinized version of Niccolo Cacciatore, assistant at the Palermo Observatory.

Ruchbah (S) - Delta Cassiopeiae
Rukbat (S) - Alpha Sagittarii. "Knee".
Rutilicus (S) - Beta Herculis


Sabik (S) - Eta Ophiuchi
Sadachbia (S) - Gamma Aquarii
Sadalbari (S) - Mu Pegasi
Sadalmelik (S) - Alpha Aquarii. From Arabic : "lucky stars of the king".
Sadalsuud (S) - Beta Aquarii. From Arabic : "luckiest of the lucky".
Sadr (S) - Gamma Cygni. Arabic : "breast".
Sagitta (C) - Arrow, Abbr. Sge, Gen. Sagittae Sagittarius (C) - Archer, Abbr. Sgr, Gen. Sagittarii
Saiph (S) - Kappa Orionis
Sargas (S) - Theta Scorpii. Name of Mesopotamian origin.
Sarin (S) - Gamma Herculis
Saturn Nebula (O) - NGC 7009
Scheat (S) - Beta Pegasi. "Shin". Sometimes Menkib : "shoulder".
Schedar (S) - Alpha Cassiopeiae, also Shadar, Shedir. "Breast".
Scheddi (S) - Delta Capricorni
Scorpius (C) - Scorpion, Abbr. Sco, Gen. Scorpii
Sculptor (C) - Sculptor, Abbr. Scl, Gen. Sculptoris
Sculptor Galaxy (O) - NGC 253
Scutum (C) - Shield, Abbr. Sct, Gen. Scuti
Seginus (S) - Gamma Bootis, also Haris.
Serpens (C) - Serpent, Abbr. Ser, Gen. Serpentis
Sertan (S) - Alpha Cancri, also Acubens. "Claw".
Sextans (C) - Sextant, Abbr. Sex, Gen. Sextantis
Shaula (S) - Lambda Scorpii. "Sting".
Shadar (S) - Alpha Cassiopiae, also Schedar, Shedir. "Breast".
Shedir (S) - Alpha Cassiopiae, also Schedar, Shadar. "Breast".
Sheliak (S) - Beta Lyrae, also Shelyak, Shiliak
Shelyak (S) - Beta Lyrae, also Sheliak, Shiliak
Sheratan (S) - Beta Arietis. From Arabic for "mark" or "sign". Once also used for Mesarthim.
Shiliak (S) - Beta Lyrae, also Sheliak, Shelyak
Siamese Twins Galaxy (O) - NGC 4567
Sirius (S) - Alpha Canis Majoris. "Scorching"
Skat (S) - Delta Aquarii
Sombrero Galaxy (M) - M 104, NGC 4594

Spica (S) - Alpha Virginis. The Virgin's spike (ear of wheat)
Named Azimech by the desert Arabs - Al Simak, the "defenceless" or "unarmed one".

Spindle Galaxy (O) - NGC 3115

Stella Polaris (S) - Alpha Ursae Minoris, also Polaris, Alruccabah, Al Jadi
The god Dhruva, "pivot of the planets", to Early Hindus. Arabs termed it Al Kutb "the axle".
Also Giedi, the slayer of the man who is mourned by Alkaid/Benetnash.

Stephan's Quintet (O) - NGC 7317-20
Sterope (S) - 21 Tauri
Struve's Lost Nebula (O) - NGC 1554

Sualocin (S) - Alpha Delphini. Together with Rotanev, reads "Nicolaus Venator" in reverse.
This is a Latinized version of Niccolo Cacciatore, assistant at the Palermo Observatory.

Suhail (S) - Lambda Velorum, also Alsuhail
Sulafat (S) - Gamma Lyrae
Sunflower Galaxy (M) - M 63, NGC 5055
Swan Nebula (M) - M 17, NGC 6618
Syrma (S) - Iota Virginis


Talitha (S) - Iota Ursae Majoris
Tania Australis (S) - Mu Ursae Majoris
Tania Borealis (S) - Lambda Ursae Majoris
Tarantula Nebula (O) - NGC 2070
Tarazed (S) - Gamma Aquilae
Taurus (C) - Bull, Abbr. Tau, Gen. Tauri
Taygeta (S) - 19 Tauri
Tejat Posterior (S) - Mu Geminorum
Tejat Prior (S) - Eta Geminorum, also Propus
Telescopium (C) - Telescope, Abbr. Tel, Gen. Telescopii
The Eyes Galaxy (O) - NGC 4435
The Mice Galaxy (O) - NGC 4676
Thuban (S) - Alpha Draconis. From Arabic for "dragon". Was the Pole Star in 2800 BC.

Toliman (S) - Alpha Centauri, also Rigil Kentaurus
"Grape-vine shoot"and "centaur's foot", respectively.

Trapezium (S) - Theta Orionis
Triangulum (C) - Triangle, Abbr. Tri, Gen. Trianguli
Triangulum Australe (C) - Southern Triangle, Abbr. TrA, Gen. Trianguli Australis
Triangulum Galaxy (M) - M 33, NGC 598
Trifid Nebula (M) - M 20, NGC 6514
Tsih (S) - Gamma Cassiopeiae, also Navi
Tucana (C) - Toucan, Abbr. Tuc, Gen. Tucanae
Tureis (S) - Iota Carinae


Undara (S) - Epsilon Canis Majoris, also Adara, Adhara. Arabic for "virgins".
Unuk (S) - Alpha Serpentis, also Unukalhai. "Serpent's neck".
Unukalhai (S) - Alpha Serpentis, also Unuk. "Serpent's neck".
Urkab (S) - Beta Sagittarii
Ursa Major (C) - Big Bear, Abbr. UMa, Gen. Ursae Majoris
Ursa Minor (C) - Little Bear, Abbr. UMi, Gen. Ursae Minoris


Vega (S) - Alpha Lyrae. Arabic : "swooping vulture (or eagle)".
Veil Nebula (O) - NGC 6960 / NGC 6992-5
Vela (C) - Ship's Sails, Abbr. Vel, Gen. Velorum
Vindemiatrix (S) - Epsilon Virginis. Latin : "female grape-gatherer".
Virgo (C) - Virgin, Abbr. Vir, Gen. Virginis
Volans (C) - Flying Fish, Abbr. Vol, Gen. Volantis
Vulpecula (C) - Little Fox, Abbr. Vul, Gen. Vulpeculae


Wasat (S) - Delta Geminorum, also Wesat
Wasn (S) - Beta Columbae. Also Wazn. "Weight", as in a sounding line.
Wazn (S) - Beta Columbae. Also Wasn. "Weight", as in a sounding line.
Wesat (S) - Delta Geminorum, also Wasat
Wesen (S) - Delta Canis Majoris, also Wezan, Wezen. Arabic for "weight".
Wezan (S) - Delta Canis Majoris, also Wesen, Wezen. Arabic for "weight".
Wezen (S) - Delta Canis Majoris, also Wesen, Wezan. Arabic for "weight".
Whirlpool Galaxy (M) - M 51, NGC 5194
"Wild Duck" Cluster (M) - M 11, NGC 6705
Witch Head Nebula in Eridanus (O) - IC 2118


(No "X"-entries yet)


Yed Posterior (S) - Epsilon Ophiuchi
Yed Prior (S) - Delta Ophiuchi


Zaniah (S) - Eta Virginis
Zarijan (S) - Beta Virginis, also Zavijava. Arabic : "corner".
Zaurak (S) - Gamma Eridani. "Boat".
Zavijava (S) - Beta Virginis, also Zarijan. Arabic : "corner".
Zosma (S) - Delta Leonis, also Duhr
Zubenelakrab (S) - Gamma Librae
Zubenelgenubi (S) - Alpha Librae. Also Zuben Elgenubi. Arabic : "southern claw".
Zubeneschamali (S) - Beta Librae. Also Zuben Eschamali. Arabic : "northern claw".

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