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Suggestions for
some "planet-aware" resources,
and some "green" hotlinks

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The photo in the top left corner of this page was taken by the Galileo spacecraft in December 1990.
At the time, the craft was on its way to Jupiter and was 1.3 million miles from Earth.

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Here's a list of good books, music and films by people who want to improve the planet,
and some hot links to people with the welfare of our planet on their agenda.
It's a random sample, randomly capitalised and punctuated, but in order of creator's name.
Enjoy !

Here are some readers' suggestions.
Many thanks for your contributions !
To send a suggestion :

Email :

The Magus of Strovolos
The Extraordinary World of a Spiritual Healer
Kyriacos C. Markides

Preparing for Contact
A Metamorphosis of Consciousness
Lyssa Royal and Keith Priest

De mémoire d'Essenien
L'autre visage de Jésus
Anne and Daniel Meurois-Givaudan

Elizabeth Haich

The Parables of Kryon
Lee Carroll

The White Hole in Time
Our Future Evolution and Meaning of Now
Peter Russell

Conversations with God
(3 Volumes)
Neale Donald Walsch

The above suggestions were kindly submitted by Rosana Ades

*These books will change your life,*
*and the way you think about yourself and the planet.*

Richard Bach :
Jonathan Livingston Seagull
Pan 1973 - ISBN 0 330 23647 4
Illusions - The Adventures of a reluctant Messiah
Pan 1978 - ISBN 0 330 25355 7
The Bridge Across Forever - A Love Story
Pan 1985 - ISBN 0 330 29081 9
*** This man is amazing !

Mark Raphael Baker :
The Fiftieth Gate
Flamingo (HarperCollins), 1997 - ISBN 07322 58049
*** "A Journey through memory" - Your past is what you can allow it to be.

Leah Bendavid-Val :
National Geographic - The Photographs
National Geographic Society 1994 - ISBN 0-87044-986-7
*** A stunning smorgasboard of visual delights
*** Another reminder of how lucky we are to live on the 3rd planet from the Sun.

Olivia de Bergerac :
The Dolphin Within
Simon & Schuster, 1998 - ISBN 0 7318 0688 3
*** "Awakening Human Potential" - The power of transformation and healing which dolphin encounters can bring.

John Blaustein :
The Hidden Canyon
Penguin 1977 - ISBN 0 14 00.4678.X
*** The Grand Canyon - grander than you've ever seen it.

David Bodanis :
Being Human
(A day in the life of the human body)
Century 1984 - ISBN 0 7126 0356 5
*** A remarkable book which catches the wonder of the human body.

Raymond Briggs :
When the Wind Blows
Penguin 1983 - ISBN 0 14 00.6606.3
*** Very graphic illustration of the fate of Mr. & Mrs. Average in a nuclear holocaust.

Dannon Brinkley :
Saved by the Light
Judy Piatkus UK 1994 - ISBN 0-7499-1404-1
At Peace in the Light
Judy Piatkus UK 1995 - ISBN 0-7499-1581-1
*** Incredible - Hit by lightning, this man died twice and lived to bring back a fascinating story.

J. Bronowski :
The Ascent of Man
BBC 1981 - ISBN 0 563 17064 6
*** A classic history of science.

Geoffrey Coe :
The How and Why Wonder Book of Trees
Wonder Books, New York 1964 - No ISBN, but Wonder Book No. 5053
*** A great introduction to trees for kids (young and old).

Paulo Coelho :
The Alchemist
HarperCollins, 1994 - ISBN 0-06-250218-2
The Valkyries
HarperCollins 1995 - ISBN 0-7322-5626-7
The Pilgrimage
HarperCollins 1995 - ISBN 0-06-251279-X
By the River Piedra I Sat Down And Wept
HarperCollins 1996 - ISBN 0-7322-5752-2
The Fifth Mountain
HarperCollins 1998 - ISBN 0-7322-6217-8
Veronika Decides To Die
HarperCollins 1999 - ISBN 0-7322-6763-3
*** Beautiful and unusual love/adventure stories from the Brazilian Master.
Check out his Home Page, too ! (See below).

L.F. Costermans :
Trees of Victoria
(An Illustrated Field Guide)
Published by the Author, 1981 - ISBN 0 9599105 1 4
*** Well illustrated guide to native trees in Victoria, Australia.

Jon Darius :
Beyond Vision
(One Hundred Historic Scientific Photographs)
Oxford University Press 1984 - ISBN 0-19-853245-8
*** An interesting perspective on human endeavours.

Betty J. Eadie :
Embraced by the Light
HarperCollins, 1994 - ISBN 1-85538-424-8
The Awakening Heart
Simon & Shuster 1996 - ISBN 0-671-55868-4
*** Fascinating stories of Life after Death

Lama Anagarika Govinda :
The Way Of The White Clouds
Rider 1968 - ISBN 0 09 155101 3
*** Narrative of a Buddhist Pilgrim in Tibet.

Carlo and Stefano Greco :
Piercing the Surface
(X-Rays of Nature)
Harry N. Abrams 1986 - ISBN 0-8109-1495-6
*** Unsuspected beauty inside objects that are already beautiful outside.

G.I. Gurdjieff :
Meetings with Remarkable Men
E.P. Dutton 1969 - SBN 0-525-47242-8
Beelzebub's Tales to his Grandson
E.P. Dutton 1973 - SBN 0-525-47348-3
Life is Real only then, when "I am"
E.P. Dutton private printing 1978 - No ISBN
*** The Remarkable Man from the Balkans.

Ernst Haas :
The Creation
Penguin 1976 - ISBN 0 14 00.4284.9
*** Beautiful photography which makes you realise how beautiful our Earth is.

Michael Harner :
The Way of the Shaman
(A Guide to Power and Healing)
Harper & Row 1980 - ISBN 0-06-063710-2
*** Present-day guru on Shamanism

John Hogue :
Nostradamus and the Millennium
(Predictions of the future)
Bloomsbury 1987 - ISBN 07475 0005 3
*** A wide-ranging journey across the predictions, sorted into types of event.

Olga Kharitidi, M.D. :
Entering the Circle
HarperCollins 1996 - ISBN 0-06-251480-6
*** Associated with The Basic Foundation, who will
"facilitate the planting of two trees for every one tree used in the manufacture of this book."
*** Fascinating story of objective physician being drawn into strange experiences
associated with Siberian shamanism

Bob Klein :
Movements of Magic
(The Spirit of T'ai-Chi-Ch'uan)
Newcastle USA 1984 - ISBN 0-87877-072-0
*** Dedicated to Mother Earth and all those who work to protect her.
Movements of Power
(Ancient Secrets of Unleashing Instinctual Vitality)
Newcastle USA 1990 - ISBN 0-87877-152-2

Peter Knudtson & David Suzuki :
Wisdom of the Elders
Allen & Unwin 1992 - ISBN 1-86373-250-0
*** Wide sweep of many cultures and their collected wisdom of the ages.

Thomas E. Mails :
Secret Native American Pathways
(A guide to inner peace)
Council Oak Books, USA 1994 - ISBN 0-933031-15-7
*** Study of rituals of various American Indian tribes.

Michael Marten et al :
Worlds Within Worlds
(A Journey into the Unknown)
Holt, Rinehart and Winston 1977 - ISBN 0-03-019416-4
*** A microscopic and macroscopic view of our World

Dan Millman :
Way of the Peaceful Warrior
HJ Kramer USA 1984 - ISBN 0-915811-00-6
Sacred Journey of the Peaceful Warrior
HJ Kramer USA 1992 - ISBN 0-915811-34-0
No Ordinary Moments
HJ Kramer USA 1992 - ISBN 0-915811-40-5
The Inner Athlete
Stillpoint 1994 - ISBN 0-913299-97-9
*** Nice story, reminiscent of the Karate Kid. With a good message.

Robert Monroe :
Journeys out of the Body
Anchor Press 1973 - ISBN 0-385-00861-9
Far Journeys
Doubleday 1985 - ISBN 0-385-23182-2
The Ultimate Journey
Doubleday 1994 - ISBN 0-385-47207-2
*** The Master of Astral Travel

Raymond Moodie :
Ballantine Books 1993 - ISBN 0-8041-1235-5
*** Practical instructions on how to meet people on the other side

Philip Morrison and Phylis Morrison
The Office of Charles and Ray Eames :

Powers of Ten
(About the Relative Size of Things In The Universe)
Scientific American 1982 - ISBN 0-7167-1409-4
*** Every now and then, it's healthy for us to realise how insignificant we are

Farley Mowat :
Woman in the Mists
(The Story of Dian Fossey and the Mountain Gorillas of Africa)
Macdonald 1988 - ISBN 0 356 17106 X
*** Book on which the film "Gorillas in the Mist" is based

National Geographic, December 1988 :
World Map - Can Man Save This Fragile Earth ?

National Geographic, March 1995 :
Endangered Species Act

Lennart Nilsson :
Behold Man
Albert Bonniers Stockholm 1974 - ISBN 91-0-038093-8
*** The definitive work on the marvel that is Mankind

H. Oakman :
Trees of Australia
Axiom Books (Jacaranda) 1980 - ISBN 0 7016 0350 X
*** Handy little pocketbook with Australian tree info. and photos

Thomas Pakenham :
Meetings With Remarkable Trees
Weidenfeld & Nicholson, London 1996 - ISBN 0-297-83255-7
*** The most amazing tree photos book ever !

Karen Pandell with Barry Bryant :
Learning from the Dalai Lama
Secrets of the Wheel of Time
Dutton Children's Books (!) 1995 - ISBN 0-525-45063-7
*** A very instructive book - good for big as well as little children !

Francine Patterson & Eugene Linden :
The Education of Koko
Andre Deutsch 1982 - ISBN 0 233 97431 8
*** Talk to the animals - it's better than killing them.

Richard Preston :
The Hot Zone
Doubleday 1994 - ISBN 0-86824-573-9
*** Makes you think about the future

Jackie Pullinger /Andrew Quicke :
Chasing the Dragon
Hodder and Stoughton 1993 - ISBN 0 340 25760 1
*** Amazing stories of Christian conversions in Hong Kong's infamous Walled City

Daniel Quinn :
Bantam 1995 - ISBN 0-553-37540-7
(The Story of a 50-Year Vision Quest)
Bantam 1996 - ISBN 0-553-37549-0
The Story of B
An Adventure of the Mind and Spirit
Bantam December 1997 - ISBN 0-553-37901-1
My Ishmael
A Sequel - The Phenomenon Continues
Bantam October 1998 - ISBN 0-553-37965-8
*** A fresh look at the future of Mankind
*** Winner of the Turner Tomorrow Fellowship Award

James Redfield :
The Celestine Prophecy
Bantam 1996 - ISBN 1863-59-319-5
The Tenth Insight
Bantam 1996 - ISBN 1-86359-748-4
The Celestine Vision
Living the New Spiritual Awareness
Bantam 1997 - ISBN 0-7338 0147 1
*** The books that have brought alternative awareness to millions

Adriana Rocha & Kristi Jorde :
A Child of Eternity
Judy Piatkus UK 1995 - ISBN 0 7499 1566 8
*** Amazing and unusual story of courage, and prophecies from an autistic child

Carl Sagan :
Macdonald 1981 - ISBN 0 354 04531 8
*** A great story from the late Master

Charles Sheffield :
Earth Watch
(A Survey of the World from Space) Sidgwick & Jackson 1981 - ISBN 0-283-98737-5
Man on Earth
(The Marks of Man - A Survey from Space) Sidgwick & Jackson 1983 - ISBN 0-283-98956-4
*** Two companion volumes which provide a new perspective of Earth.

Payson R. Stevens and Kevin W. Kelley :
Embracing Earth
(New Views Of Our Changing Planet)
Thames and Hudson 1992 - ISBN 0-500-01543-0
*** Pictures showing what Mankind has done to the Planet Earth
*** "To replace the trees needed to manufacture the paper for this book,
the authors and publisher will arrange to plant trees in endangered rainforests."

Sun Bear with Wabun Wind :
Black Dawn / Bright Day
Indian Prophecies for the Millennium that Reveal the Fate of the Earth
Fireside 1992 - ISBN 0-671-75900-0
*** The title speaks for itself

Cherie Sutherland :
Transformed by the Light
Bantam 1992 - ISBN 1-86359-070-6
Within the Light
Bantam 1993 - ISBN 1-86359-098-6
*** Australian scientist studies Near-Death Experiences (NDEs) and discovers that
they are far more common than most people suspect.

Dr. Brian Weiss :
Many Lives, Many Masters
(The true story of a prominent psychiatrist, his young patient,
and the past-life therapy that changed both their lives)
Fireside, 1988 - ISBN 0-671-65786-0
*** An engrossing book by a brave man.
Through Time Into Healing
(How past life regression therapy can heal mind, body and soul)
Judy Piatkus London, 1992 - ISBN 0-7499-1477-7
*** More case studies.
Only Love Is Real
(The Story of Soulmates Reunited)
Judy Piatkus London, 1996 - ISBN 0 7499 1635 4
*** A deeply touching story.

Rabbi Laibl Wolf :
Practical Kabbalah
A Guide to Jewish Wisdom for Everyday Life
Three Rivers Press 1999 - ISBN 0-609-80378-6
*** Clearly-written exposition of a difficult topic

Hank Wesselmann :
Bantam 1996 - ISBN 0-553-37837-6
*** Flash-forward into a bleak future

Yatri :
Unknown Man
(The Mysterious Birth of a New Species)
Sidgwick and Jackson 1988 - ISBN 0 283 99708 7
*** Encyclopaedic work dealing with the future of Mankind.

Suggestions for additions to this list are more than welcome !
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Music to help you meditate on the planet.


William Aura and Friends - World Keeps Turning
Higher Octave Music HOMCD 7022
Higher Octave Music 8033 Sunset Blvd. Suite 41 Los Angeles CA 90046 USA

Dead Can Dance - Spleen and Ideal
4AD CAD 512 CD
4AD, PO Box 3813 London SW18 1XE, UK

Philip Glass - Sound track from two amazing films :
Island Masters CD IMCD 98 (814 042-2)
(The title, from Hopi language, means :
1. Crazy life 2. Life in Turmoil
3. Life disintegrating 4. Life out of balance
5. A state of life that calls for another way of living)
Elektra/Nonesuch 979 192-2
Elektra/Asylum/Nonesuch Records, 75 Rockefeller Plaza New York NY 10019 USA
The title, from Hopi language, means :
"An entity, a way of life, that consumes the life forces
of other beings in order to further its own life"

Medwyn Goodall - Medicine Woman
New World Music NWCD 229
New World Productions, PO Box 244 Red Hill, Qld 4059 Australia

Mark Isham - Tibet
Windham Hill Records WC-1080
Windham Hill Records PO Box 9388 Stanford CA 94309

Philippe Kahn - Walkin' on the Moon
Pacific High PH1002
Pacific High Productions PO Box 536 Los Gatos CA 95031 USA

Cecil Lytle - Seekers of the Truth
Piano Music of G.I. Gurdjieff and Th. De Hartmann Vol. 1
Celestial Harmonies CEL 020/21
Celestial Harmonies PO Box 673 Wilton Connecticut 06897 USA

Cecil Lytle - Reading of a Sacred Book
Piano Music of G.I. Gurdjieff and Th. De Hartmann Vol. 2
Celestial Harmonies CEL 028/29
Celestial Harmonies PO Box 673 Wilton Connecticut 06897 USA

Sacred Spirit - Chants and Dances of the Native Americans
Virgin Records CDV 2753
Donation to Native American Rights fund for every CD sold
Native American Rights Fund, 1506 Broadway, Boulder CO 80302, USA

Merl Saunders - Blues from the Rainforest
Sumertone S2CD-01
PO Box 22184, San Francisco CA 94122 USA

Michael Stearns - Baraka
Milan 7313835652-2
The title is a Sufi word which is simply translated as a blessing,
or the breath or essence of life from which the evolutionary process unfolds.

Michael Wild - Celestial Sounds
Equilibrium, PO Box 190 East Kew Victoria 3102 Australia


Herbert Henck, Piano
Gurdjieff / de Hartmann
SM 1035/36 (1982)
Wergo Schallplatten GmbH Mainz Germany

Paul Horn
BXN 26466
Epic Records/CBS Inc. 51 W 52 Street New York City NY USA

Keith Jarrett, Piano
G.I. Gurdjieff - Sacred Hymns
ECM 1174
ECM Records Gleichmannstrasse 10 Munich 60 Germany

J. & J. Miqueaux
Piano Music for Meditation and Inner Peace
Zazen Records PO Box 19 Woonona NSW 2517 Australia

Laurence Rosenthal conducts National Philharmonic Orchestra
Meetings With Remarkable Men
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
STV 81129
Varese Sarabande Records, Inc. 6404 Wilshire Boulevard Suite 1127 Los Angeles CA USA

Stokowski / Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra
The Planets - Gustav Holst
MFP 2014
Music for Pleasure Ltd., Drury House, Russell Street, London UK

Henry Wolff & Nancy Hennings
Tibetan Bells II
CEL 005 (1981)
Celestial Harmonies 605 Ridgefield Rd. Wilton Connecticut 06897 USA

*Fun Stuff*

Andjelko Duplancic - Great music collection
Check this out : Brazilian music and Great Jazz Standards
Sheet music and mp3 CDs.
* Check out Andjelko's web site

Suggestions for additions to this list are more than welcome !
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Email :


*Films with a real message about our place on this planet, and our future.*

Suggestions for additions to this list are more than welcome !
Please talk to us :

Email :


*Hot Links to Sites and People whose Agenda includes the Improvement of our World*
*Includes links to sites associated with the Australian indigenous people*
*who are the oldest living culture on Earth*
*Not in any special order*
*We have no connection with, nor do we endorse, any commercial sites*

* Guide for disposing of deck lights and other types of lightbulbs and accessories
Very good site ! What a pity that this is US oriented ! We NEED this for other countries !

* A Green Guide to Selling, Donating and Recycling Old Clothing
Great site, and just what the World needs at the moment !

* Composting!
Interesting site with lots of information about compost : what it is, how to make and use it !

* Consumers and the Environment !
A whole PILE of information about the environment!

* Bathroom Safety Tips for Caregivers
How to avoid injury in bathrooms !

* How to avoid WASTING food!
Fascinating site about how to avoid food waste! With great resource links!

* Household Waste - Guide for Parents
Interesting info about reducing household waste

* Planet Earth Home Page
Information about our little blue marble in space

* Earth and Moon viewers
Great views of Earth, Moon, Solar System from any angle, with and without clouds, etc.

* Discovery Channel
Many interesting documentaries !

* Energy Efficient Deck Lighting
Deck Lighting - How To Choose Energy-Efficient Versions

* Earthquake Watch - Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology
Updated every 30 minutes, with great world map !

* More Earthquake info.
Practical tips and links from the US Geological Survey

* The Dolphin Society
See the book "The Dolphin Within", above

* Ken Davis' Web Page
Makes Great Music !

* Conservation International
Heroes for the Planet - Forest Savers

* Rainforest Action Network
Heroes for the Planet - Forest Savers

* World Wildlife Fund
Wildlife Champions

* Worldwatch Institute

* World Resources Institute
World Resources

* Home Advisor - composting and recycling
Interesting info! Thank you Anna and Nina Quinn!

* Environmental News Network
News about the Planet

* Shades of Green: Earth's Forests
An excellent and educational resource for teachers
and those interested in anything about forests,
threats to them and their importance.

* World Wildlife Fund's Forest for Life Campaign
The site includes maps, a press room
and information about threatened areas.

* Conservation International's Global Biodiversity Hot Spots
This list of priority areas for conservation
received much publicity because it made the
preservation of forests seem like a more manageable task.
Includes links to CI's projects in the regions listed.

* Green Web Hosting
Good resource for choosing green web hosts.

* World Resources Institute's Forest Frontiers Initiative
Provides interactive maps, news and Internet resources

* Food and Agriculture Organization's Forestry
An extensive web site from the FAO agency of the
United Nations that provides objective forest statistics,
maps and recommendations to countries about
how to conserve forest resources.

* Lonely Planet - The Ultimate Travel Guides
By Tony Wheeler, the Ultimate Peripatetic

* Shambhala Publications Web Site
Check this out for interesting books, Buddhist forum, electronic postcards and more

* Exploring Australia
"The Wonders From Down Under"

* Guide to Australia
What it says

* Biodiversity
Check it out

* Threatened Fauna
Get a last look at some species

* Greenpeace
Worth a look

* Celestine Website
See James Redfield's books, above

* Environmental Resources Information Network
A good site for anyone with an environmental conscience

* The Virtual Frog Dissection Kit
Better to dissect bytes than the real thing

* G'Day Australia
Travel diary of Gerhard Ortner, a 1994 Austrian visitor

* No Shitting In The Toilet
Sorry, folks, but that's what it's really called

* Paulo Coelho's Home Page
Home Page of Paulo Coelho, Brazilian Master Raconteur of Beautiful Stories

* "Decopier" strips print off paper, allows paper to be reused up to 5 times.
Environmentally friendly paper cleaner. Sounds too good to be true.

* Timezone Converter
Handy Timezone Converter

* HarperCollins Web Site
Publisher of some of the above books

* One of the World's Largest Bookshops
Amazon Bookshop

* Another of the World's Largest Bookshops
Barnes and Noble

* World Wide Fund For Nature Web Site
Check out what can be done to help Nature

* Solar Power
Very interesting guide to solar power - a RENEWABLE energy !

* Chief Seattle's Letter to All The People
A letter with deep meaning, even if supposedly historically inaccurate.

* Sioux Indian Prayer
A moving prayer

* Chainsaw massacre report - the state of the world's forests
Read and weep ! Hypocrisy in action - the news is even worse than previously feared.
Report by International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis in Austria :
US and Canada are plundering their own forests while telling the rest of the world
how to practise sustainable forestry. Situation described as "desperate".

* The Nature Conservancy Web Site
Get wired for conservation

* The Gundungurra Tribal Council
Education - run by Trevor Maranda

* ANU Aboriginal Studies Virtual Library
The closest thing to an overview of Aboriginal material on the Web

* Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation
Large site with Reconciliation and Social Justice Library

* Rock Art
Aboriginal Rock Art (of the non-musical type)

* Yothu Yindi
Great indigenous music group - Aboriginal Rock Art of the musical type

* The Web of Culture
Cross-cultural communications information

* Sustainable Irrigation
Sustainable Irrigation Methods

* Some great tips about how YOU can help to heal this troubled planet by RECYCLING!

* A guide to environmental commodities -- i.e., energy credits. These commodities support sustainability.

Suggestions for additions to this list are more than welcome !
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Email :


*Contributions from our earth-aware readers.*

* Earth Gallery
Poems and other contributions from people who care about the future of the Earth.

Suggestions for additions to this list are more than welcome !
Please talk to us :

Email :

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